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Data Analytics

TeqWare’s Data Analytics Solutions

Robust data analysis is necessary for organizations to make informed business decisions.  TeqWare’s analytical experts assist customers with solutions that are catered to their needs and provide capabilities to extract insights from data resulting in improved operational efficiency and revenue.  We work with our clients to choose the right tools and processes to create strategic solutions by combining technical expertise with business focus. 

TeqWare’s experts provide guidance for a full range of data analytics solutions: from simple reactive to complex proactive analyses.  Descriptive and diagnostic analytics are used to determine what happened and why it happened.  Predictive and prescriptive analytics are used to determine what is likely to happen and what actions should be taken to achieve the best results.  We will work closely to determine the best solution for your current business goals and create a solid foundation to support you as your data analytics requirements and capabilities grow.

TeqWare’s Data Analytics Capabilities

Data Mining

Discovering patterns and establishing relationships in data to achieve business insights – results of data mining commonly feed into advanced analytical models

Big Data

Extracting value from extremely large and complex data sets – large volume and high velocity data create unique challenges for data analytics

Text Analytics

Deriving high-quality information from unstructured textual data – organizational data is commonly composed of large amounts of unstructured text

Data Visualization

Using informative graphics to efficiently communicate information – effective visualization helps users analyze complex data, make useful comparisons, and make faster business decisions

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